Lerchl D., A. Lerchl, P. Hantsch, A. Bitz...

Studies on the Effects of Radio-Frequency Fields on Conifers
22nd BEMS Annual Meeting, Munich, Germany, 2000, 160

LERCHL,D., A. Lerchl, P. Hantsch, A. Bitz, J. Streckert, V. Hansen
Institute of Zoology II, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Observation period: October 1999 – May 2000.
Despite marginally altered growth due to exposure, the physiology of exposed conifers seems to be negatively influenced by exposure to EMF at 383 MHz, causing a decline in the photosynthetic system which may be the first indication of a decline in the plant’s overall status.
It is interesting to note that the most prominent effects were seen in Pinus pumila. In young plants of this species, needles ware more vertically oriented, as compared to the tow other species investigated here. It may therefore be possible that the electric component of the EMF is responsible for the observed effects.


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