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Effects of 900 MHz GSM In Vitro Exposure on Gene Expression in Human FibroblastsDavos Congress Center Davos, Switzerland, 2009 June 14 – 19,

Paolo Galloni, Luisella Bocchio Chiavetto, Annamaria Cattaneo, Massimo Gennarelli, Rosanna Pinto, Antonella Sesta and Carmela Marino

Toxicology and Biomedical Sciences Unit, Enea Casaccia, Rome, Italy; Neuropsicopharmacology Unit, IRCCS, Centre S. Giovanni di Dio, FBF, Brescia, Italy; Genetic Unit, IRCCS, Centre S. Giovanni di Dio, FBF, Brescia, Italy

900 MHz GSM
0,4 and 1,0 SAR

We found that 24h electromagnetic field exposure affected the expression levels of BCL2, MAPKP38 e BDNF genes. In particular, BCL2 mRNA levels were reduced both at 0,4 and 1 W/kg (0.72±0.2 , p= 0.039 and 0.75±0.27, p=0.022 versus sham respectively), MAPK-P38 mRNA levels were reduced in stimulated group but only with a SAR of 0,4 W/kg (0.86±0,14, p=0.025 versus sham), whereas BDNF levels were negatively affected only with a dose of 1 W/kg. After 72 hours of exposure, we found that only BDNF mRNA levels were significant modulated, in particular, the dose of 1 W/kg caused a significant reduction (0.82±0,18, p=0.019 versus sham).
CONCLUSION: A reduction in the expression levels of some genes involved in cell stress response, neuronal differentiation and apoptosis processes were evidenced, at different SAR levels and exposure times, failing to put in evidence a dose-response trend. Further investigation are planned to better define possible effects of exposure to GSM electromagnetic fields on human fibroblasts.

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